Thursday, August 23, 2007

Via New Zealand to Antarctica

Dr. Sandra Passchier of Montclair State University's Department of Earth and Environmental studies will join the science team of the Antarctic Drilling Program for a 2-month field season in Antarctica this Fall.
This week the deployment dates for science party members were listed. Dr. Passchier is on the list for October 5th and will fly by military plane from Christchurch on the South Island of New Zealand to McMurdo Station, Antarctica. On the image the green islands of New Zealand are visible in the upper left corner and Antarctica in the center (click the image for a larger version). Note all the depressions: the atmosphere is very active here. It is currently winter in McMurdo, -45 F (-43 C) and dark most of the time, but by the time we get there it will be Spring and much warmer (or less cold is probably more accurate).