Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are on our way!

The ropes were pulled in at 11 AM this morning. The weather was extremely nice and we had a very enjoyable morning sitting on deck watching the preparations for departure. Two small boats were pulling the ship from the quay out to sea. We are now making our way south along the east coast of New Zealand. The seas are still relatively calm, only with some white caps. Fortunately we are still in the shelter of the South Island, but it may be different when we wake up tomorrow morning. The ropes were stored below deck: we will not need them for two months until we return to land in March (to Hobart, Australia).

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us through your blogs! The kids and teachers in ANDRILL's Project Circle are really enjoying the ride.

Crossing my fingers for calm seas!