Sunday, March 7, 2010

Transit to Hobart

We are having a very smooth transit, very unusual actually: the seas are flat. We are now approaching the coast of Tasmania, but unfortunately it is foggy. Still, it is nice and warm now outside, so I spent some more time on deck today. The ropes are already out: we will arrive in Hobart tomorrow morning, one day early. It was a successful cruise in many aspects: from a personal perspective and from a scientific perspective.
So what will happen now? In a couple of months time we will get together again at the IODP core repository in College Station, Texas to sample the cores for laboratory analyses. This will mark the second phase of the project and it will be exciting as well, but in a different way.
So that is it for now: I hope you enjoyed the ride!

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Your Dad (The Netherlands) said...

Great blog, Sandra. Like all other blogs from the JR. Welcome back!