Saturday, September 8, 2007

Recent activities in Antarctica

Dr. Passchier is now weeks away from deployment to Antarctica to participate in the Antarctic Drilling Program as an on-ice sedimentologist.
Last week good news was received from the co-chiefs:
"A team of 9 individuals is working now to prepare the SMS drillsite, drilling rig, and camp. This team deployed to Antarctica on the 20th and 25th of August. All of the expected freight was delivered. The drilling equipment and camp structures were successfully broken free of the winter snow build-up. The sea-ice route to the drillsite was first traversed 24th August and found to be in good and safe condition. The sea-ice at the drillsite has a good, solid surface, with minimal snow cover, and is more than 7 meters thick. The first delivery of buildings to the site occurred on 27th August. "

Image: Drillrig used 1997-1999. Credit: Sandra Passchier courtesy NSF

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