Wednesday, October 3, 2007

In Christchurch New Zealand

Some of my ANDRILL (Antarctic Drilling Program) colleagues and I have arrived in Christchurch New Zealand this morning with a large group of science support personnel. This afternoon I took a walk along the river Avon and took another look at Scott's statue. He lost the race for the South Pole to Roald Amundson, but he is a British hero. He passed through Christchurch many times on his way to Antarctica, which was then a far more dangerous journey than it is today.
Tomorrow we will be issued our Extreme Cold Weather gear (ECW) and Friday we will try to get to McMurdo in the Ross Sea region by military aircraft. Landing on the airstrip on the sea ice requires visibility (no radars present) and the weather can change rapidly so close to the icesheet, forcing pilots to return to Christchurch when they can't land. Let's keep our fingers crossed! More soon..

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