Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving from Antarctica!

Happy Thankgiving from Antarctica. We will have our Thanksgiving dinner tonight at midnight with the nightshift from the drill site. They will come in from their little camp on the sea ice to celebrate with us: we have a lot to give thanks for with such a great core! We also need to work tonight, so perhaps a glass of wine will be okay, but not too much. Drilling will start again on Sunday. Our drill hole is now the second deepest on the continent (the deepest is the other ANDRILL drill hole of last year) and since we still have time in our schedule, an attempt is going to be made to go deeper than the 1011 m we have now. For us it means we have to keep logging.
After long sequences of mudstones, with very little evidence of ice close to this area, we saw evidence of ice sheets in the core last night. Once again: we see the ice-sheets come and go and the core tells us it continues back in time for more than 17 million years!

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