Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Helo trip to the Dry Valleys scheduled

This is 08H or zero-eight-hotel. We received the helo schedule last night and a few of the night shift scientists are signed up for a trip with 08H to Taylor Valley in the Transantarctic Mountains this evening. The purpose of the trip is to survey the regional geology so we get a better understanding of the composition of the sediments in the core we are investigating. The plan is to be dropped off at a high point in the Dry Valleys and then walk down the valley walls of Taylor Valley to the valley floor. We will then pass through several rock units, which were eroded by outlet glaciers of the East Antarctic ice sheet. It is likely that some of that eroded rock material is what makes up the sediments in the ANDRILL SMS core. All is scheduled, of course as always weather permitting. Right now it is not looking great with more snow in the forecast.....we will have to wait and see if they let us go out.

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