Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Turkey Trot

Yesterday was the day of the traditional McMurdo Turkey Trot. It takes place on the morning of the Thanksgiving meal and it is a 5 km running event on the sea ice. I participated 9 years ago, but this time I didn't feel up to it, but that gave me an opportunity to cheer my colleagues on and take some pictures. Here you see my nightshift buddies Phill, Josh and Chris at the start of the race. (Never mind Phill's outfit.) There was a mean cold wind coming across the peninsula, but it took them less than half hour to get back in: great job guys!

Later that night after we tried to sleep (it was very noisy in the dorm) we had our Thanksgiving dinner at midnight. The food was superb: of course with Turkey, stuffing, fresh fruit, salad, and desert. We also logged 36 meters of core. We have one more night of core logging to go and then we will revert back to the dayshift.

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Anonymous said...

Prof. Passchier

This is Idali 1 of ur MSU students. I wish u a Happy Holidays and am very happy with ur blog. it has been vey educational and funny. Take care