Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The last sampling party

Yesterday was the day of the last sampling party. Drilling is still progressing with a narrower bit and we do get to log it during the day, but the sampling will be done off-ice during a workshop in Florida next year. Note the little flags: they look quite used after more than a 1000 meters of core. I have collected ca. 300 samples, which will be processed in the lab at Montclair State University and measured on the laser particle sizer.
Peter Webb, my former PhD advisor is here too and you can see him in the picture below. He is being interviewed for a NOVA documentary and serves as a general advisor and guide to the project. You can watch a video about his early research in this area in the late 1950s on the website of ANDRILL. More videos about Antarctica today and Antarctic Geology can be found there as well. The link is here....

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Earguy said...

Those movies on the ANDRILL site are great! I downloaded the History one: looks really good full rez. And is very informative. It is almost 100 MB, but worth it.