Saturday, February 20, 2010

LIVE from Antarctica

We are drilling in deep water again, off-shore Antarctica. We were unable to reach our coastal site, but we are getting great core from where we are right now. We are now drilling back into the Late Miocene and I hope we are going to reach the Middle Miocene climatic optimum. This is a time when the Earth was slightly warmer than today and it may give us a window into understanding what is up for the future. Let's hope we can get that far.. We are currently at a depth of more than 400 mbsf and we are still drilling.


Lauren Caputi said...

Good luck. I hope you reach the middle.

jenny said...

Jenny Proost -The Netherlands- Your former teacher when you were very young.
Nice to read such interesting things about you and the work you're doing.
Also great to see in the little film I just watched.
Lotts of luck, Sandra