Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triple core and back to Antarctica

We are in transit back tot he Antarctic coast to reach a site closer to the continent. We are navigating bergy waters so our route is curvy to get around these obstacles. We are still processing cores from the previous site, which was triple cored. Triple coring is sometimes done to fill gaps in the record caused by core breaks and cores that were not entirely recovered due to the heave associated with large waves. Filling these gaps allows for complete high-resolution climate records, and that is what we are after.

The weather hasn't been great lately with lots of rain and snow giving poor visibility. Nevertheless we did see some humpback whales, who were checking out the ship. They were so close that you could see the texture of the wet skin. The weather is reasonable now and I just got outside to watch us passing a huge tabular iceberg. My colleague Kota got sprayed by a wave, because we are still in rough waters. More later once we arrive at our next site, near Antarctica.

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