Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Storm breaks off large piece of an ice tongue in our research area

We had very stormy weather over the past three days. The waves were up to 25 feet (8 m). For some reason the motion of the ship was very irregular and we were rolling around in our beds and not sleeping very much. Today the storm had died down and we tried to get back to our site near the coast, but poor visibility because of snow and the ice conditions made us turn back. The storm has broken some icebergs into numerous small pieces and has shifted some larger ones around. We also received a warning from the Naval Ice Center that a large piece of the Mertz Ice Tongue near our drill site has broken off, presumably due to the storm. You can see the crack in the image. The piece of ice that broke off has now been labeled as iceberg C-28, with a size of 43 by 18 nautical miles (80 x 33 km): try to imagine how big that is!

Tomorrow we are trying to get back to our drill site 9B between the icebergs again. Let's hope we can make it!

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