Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whales, the sun, core, and a view on the Adelie Coast, Antarctica

Today was a perfect day. When I got up this morning there was no wind, the sun was out, whales were checking out the ship, and we had a view on the coast of Antarctica. That is a lot! A few hours later the first cores came on deck. You can imagine that the whole science team was in a very good mood. The Adelie Coast is one of the windiest places on Earth. The area is usually very foggy with low visibility. None of that seemed true this morning. We were all relaxing a bit before the first cores came up: enjoying the views with the numerous icebergs.
Most icebergs are grounded on the shelf, but a few smaller ones were on the move. We are actually moving out of the way of one now. This evening a few cores were split, and we got to describe them. I will show you some more of that tomorrow. Our internet is going to be down in a few moments. Enjoy the view on the Adelie Coast below. The white above the horizon is the East Antarctic ice sheet, not a cloud. Talk to you later!

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