Friday, October 19, 2007

Cutting whole core samples

I started the day by giving a lecture on glaciers to a group of educators who are part of the ANDRILL project. During the night we logged more diamictites, but there was some variety in the rock units as well. I also got a note from one of the co-chiefs to take a sample for off-ice scientist Francesco Fasano. Two drillsite scientists are producing physical property logs that we use to pick a good spot to check for evidence of ice loading onto the seabed. In the photos you can see the whole core (before it is split), marking the location of the sample and the core curators, Simon and
Davide, cutting out the section with a rock saw. We usually only get to see the cut face of the core after it is split into to equal halves, so for us it was interesting to see the whole core. As you can see: we are drilling into lithified sedimentary rock now at more than 70 meters below the sea floor.

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