Sunday, October 21, 2007

Snow and core

Last night snow fall and wind were keeping us inside. Right now all travel is suspended, because of low visibility and wind. We were planning on visiting the drillsite to talk to our colleagues there, but these plans had to be postponed, because it requires travel on the sea ice. We also don't know when they will be able to fly the core in from the drillsite, because all helicopter flights are suspended as well. So maybe we will get a little break. Saturday night we were logging core through diamictites and it seemed there was no end to them. But then last night we went through cycles of sandstones, mudstones, and diamictites, which is interesting because it shows that glaciers were sometimes close (diamictites with big stones) and sometimes far away from the drillsite (mudstones). Some of the sandstones had dropstones in them, dropped by icebergs floating above the location of the drillsite in the past. Other sandstones and mudstones showed faults, indicating instability, like in the photo to the right. Do you see how the horizontal layers are displaced along the vertical fault plane?

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