Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wind and snow

Yeah, that's me in the picture. It is starting to warm up a bit after a snowy morning, but we still have to wear our Big Reds (the big red down coats). Tracy and I went to the Berg Field Center to exchange some clothing for a better size. I got new windpants that are long enough (I got my Grandma's long arms and legs). I will need fitting wind pants when I get out on snow survival camp in the next two days. We will be camping overnight on the ice shelf.
The Hercules plane that should have brought the last batch of scientists is not coming (the C17 has a mechanical problem: things break down easily in these conditions). Wind and snow are the greatest enemies of operations, because the combination of the two has a bad effect on visibility. Notice in this picture here how everything on base is tied down with big concrete blocks to keep it from blowing away. Hopefully the weather will improve shortly and we can continue preparations for our work ahead.

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Anna Krusic said...

Great blog, Sandra! Fun to revisit the procedures to get down under and eventually to "the ice". Congrats on reaching the continent with no boomerangs (I did two). Thank you for keeping us updated!

Good luck with the drilling, stay warm, and have fun!

Anna Krusic