Friday, October 5, 2007

No Boomerang: in Antarctica!

We arrived yesterday after a 5 and a half hour flight. We landed smoothly and were greeted by a howling 30 knot wind. When I took this picture this morning out of the window of the Crary Lab in McMurdo Station the wind was still there. The Transantarctic Mountains are visible in the background. We landed on an airstrip on the sea ice beyond those huts in the foreground. Now a depression has moved in and snow is blowing horizontally, blocking the view. Some of my colleaugues are currently on a sea ice training course. I hope they stay warm. I will have training somewhere next week too. This afternoon we had our first science briefing. All is well at the drillsite and on schedule with the first core arriving in a week or so. We are currently setting up our labs and sorting out our computer issues. The weather forecast for tomorrow is not looking good: it has cooled off and wind is blowing from the ice sheet, so those who can stay indoors.
More information on McMurdo Station can be found here

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