Thursday, October 11, 2007

First sample from ANDRILL SMS

Yesterday afternoon the first sample of the project came in. It was a greenish looking piece of compacted sediment with a hint of cross-bedding (formed by currents on the sea floor?). The material looked volcanic. Volcanoes are very common around this area. Ross Island on which McMurdo Station lies is a volcanic island with 3 volcanoes: Mt. Erebus, Mt. Terror, and Mt. Byrd. Across the McMurdo sound are two more: Mt. Discovery (in the photograph) and Mt. Morning. It is very likely that we will find more material of volcanic origin in the core that will come later.

The science team is now almost complete, because during the time we were at Snowcraft course a Hercules and a C17 came in. The planes also brought salad and fresh vegetables, a real treat when you are here. Tomorrow we will probably learn to use the technology involved in describing the drill cores that come up. More later....

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