Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Packing the Boomerang Bag

Clothing issue of Extreme Cold Weather gear (ECW) was as usual this morning: hectic and I almost had to exchange everything for a larger size (The ladies helping us out said everything shrunk in the laundry: they are so nice!). I am now packing my "Boomerang Bag". That is the bag we will get for the night in case we don't make it to Antarctica tomorrow. What will happen then is that they will leave all our gear on the plane for the next try, the next day and we are only allowed to take off the Boomerang Bag. We need to report to the airport at 6 AM tomorrow and will fly by C17 to McMurdo at 9 AM. We saw the plane this morning when returning from clothing. We need to put on some of our ECW gear on, on the flight tomorrow. For info on the C-17 see the link here.

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